Farlig says he turned down a good offer to join Astralis

Farlig, who currently plays for the Astralis team, told HLTV in an interview that he turned down a good offer from an international team in order to move to the Danish club.

Even before the official announcement, I talked a little with Astralis. Mutual interest was evident in these conversations. At some point, I asked if they were counting on me, because there were other teams in parallel who were negotiating with me. Obviously, I would have preferred to play Astralis, but they had to tell me, because otherwise I could have lost all the offers. At that time, Astralis publicly expressed a desire to give Lucky a chance. I can only respect this decision. A new coach came to the team and there were hopes that over time everything would work.

During IEM Katowice 2022, I received a pretty good offer, in parallel with which Astralis showed increased interest. At that moment, their line-up was close to having a reshuffle. In the end, everything happened and for the sake of moving to Astralis, I refused a good contract in an international team.

The 23-year-old Dane reflected on the team's future goals, highlighting the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 as the main championship where it makes sense to fight for high results.

There is definitely a purpose. For starters, it's about getting into a major. If we get there, and with such experienced players as gla1ve and Xyp9x, the chances increase, then in the future we will try to take a place in the top 8. I assume that my teammates have much higher ambitions, while I think about small things, because I never played majors.

Recall that Farlig joined Astralis in March 2022. In the team, the 23-year-old replaced Lucky. Interestingly, at the next RMR tournament, the team will play without Farlig, who, according to the official application, is a substitute player.

The Astralis roster currently looks like this: