Heroic became the winner of Pinnacle Winter Series 3

The Pinnacle Winter Series 3 has come to an end. At the championship, which was held online from February 28 to March 16, 28 teams from Europe and the CIS fought for a prize pool of $84,000, as well as a ticket to LAN Sweet LAN 2022. Heroic became the winner of the tournament, which in the grand final was stronger than its compatriots from Copenhagen Flames with a score of 2:0 (Vertigo - 16:7; Nuke - 16:9).

The Danish team started its journey at the tournament from the 1/4 final stage, where it was kindly invited by the organizers. However, Heroic literally didn't notice their opponents, first defeating Apeks (2:0) in the quarterfinals, and then confidently beating ECSTATIC (2:0) in the semifinals.

In the decisive match, Heroic players once again had an overwhelming advantage, always being one step ahead. As a result, the team got a very easy victory over Copenhagen Flames (2:0), thanks to which they earned $40,000 and a ticket to LAN Sweet LAN 2022.

The current LAN Sweet LAN 2022 line-up is as follows: forZe, HAVU, OG, ECSTATIC, K23, Entropiq, Virtus.pro, Heroic and MOUZ. Two more slots are reserved for former Complexity and FunPlus Phoenix rosters.

Pinnacle Winter Series 3 Results