Renegades, Extra Salt and GODSENT started victoriously at the ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference

Renegades, Extra Salt and GODSENT started victoriously at ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference. The teams outplayed Renewal, Sprout and Wisla Krakow, respectively, sending them to the lower bracket of the championship.

Renegades - Renewal

The meeting between the representatives of Australia and Mongolia began on the Ancient map, on which the teams had not previously played. At the same time, already in the first half, the Australian team showed convincing defense, having received a two-fold advantage. After the changeover, Renegades continued to push her opponent, gradually running forward. As a result, the Australians gained a landslide victory, having managed to come out ahead in the series - 16: 8.

Next, the teams moved to Inferno, which became the choice of the Australian team. At the same time, the first half ended with an unexpected advantage for Renewal, which managed to come forward closer to the change of sides. However, the second half put everything in its place, while the Renegades players gathered and showed a confident defense, having issued the first victory in the championship - 16:13.

Extra Salt - Sprout

In a parallel match, the start was given on the Ancient map, which was chosen by the German team. The Extra Salt players were clearly not ready for this, who won only one round in defense, actually capitulating to the opponent. After the change of sides, the North Americans still tried to wedge themselves into the struggle. However, the advantage gained in the attack was enough for Sprout to close the map in their favor and come out ahead - 16: 7.

Next, the teams moved to the Nuke map, which became the Extra Salt choice. Here the North Americans showed not only a successful game in attack, but also continued to bend their line in defense, having managed to equalize the score in the series and enter the striker - 16:12.

Everything was decided on the Inferno map. After the first half, Extra Salt had only a minimal advantage, leaving the opponent a chance to win back. However, the side switching was beneficial to the North American team, which showed an excellent attack, having recorded the victory over Sprout - 16: 8.

GODSENT - Wisla Krakow

In another parallel match, GODSENT and Wisla Krakow met. However, already on the first map, the Brazilians showed an extremely confident game, rolling Wisla Krakow on Nuke with a score of 16: 6.

Then the teams moved to the Overpass map, where the Poles were already imposing their game. As a result, the confident play in defense against Wisla Krakow allowed the team to gain a two-fold advantage over the second half, taking away the opponent's confidence. At the same time, the side switching did not help GODSENT to return to the game, while the Poles continued their lead, eventually leveling the score in the series - 16: 7.

Everything was decided at Ancient, where, after two halves, the teams failed to identify the winner. However, in the overtime series, the Brazilians turned out to be stronger, who finished off Wisla Krakow and secured their first victory in the ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference - 22:19.


ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference runs online from November 23 to 28. 16 teams from all over the world are competing for a prize pool of $ 27,000, as well as three tickets to ESL Pro League Season 15, which starts next March.