MAD Lions and LDLC reached the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference

The starting matches of the ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference have ended, following which MAD Lions and LDLC reached the quarterfinals of the tournament. At the same time, EC Brugge and Sharks set off to conquer the lower bracket of the championship.

MAD Lions - EC Brugge

The fight began on the Mirage map, which became the choice of the Belgian team. However, EC Brugge quickly regretted her choice, taking only two rounds per attack. Of course, MAD Lions did not stretch the pleasure, confidently playing their half in the attack, thereby closing the opponent's pick with a final score of 16: 3.

Next, the teams moved to the Inferno map, where again the first half ended with the overwhelming advantage of the MAD Lions players. However, after the changeover, the Belgian team managed to impose a struggle, having managed to show a couple of good rounds in the attack. And yet, the individual skill of MAD Lions was enough to solve all the issues and reach the quarterfinals of the tournament - 16:10.

Sharks - LDLC

In a parallel duel, the teams started on the Inferno map, which became the choice of the French team. At the same time, the Brazilians failed to cope with the LDLC attack, taking only four rounds before switching sides. The hegemony of the French continued after the changeover, as LDLC played very confidently in defense, having recorded the victory with a score of 16: 8.

Then the teams got to Mirage, where the French already started having problems. At the same time, Sharks showed a very confident attacking play, gaining a two-fold advantage over the side switching. In the second half, LDLC continued to make mistakes, while the Brazilian squad took the opportunity to pick up their own pick and level the score in the series - 16: 8.

Everything was decided on the Dust 2 map, where already in the first half the French showed a champion character, having managed to win ten rounds in attack. This gap was enough to cope with the attacking attempts of the Brazilians. As a result, LDLC won its first victory at ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference, reaching the quarterfinals - 16: 6.


ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference runs online from November 23 to 28. 16 teams from all over the world are competing for a prize pool of $ 27,000, as well as three tickets to ESL Pro League Season 15, which starts next March.