MOUZ NXT Advances To WePlay Academy League Season 2 Grand Finals

MOUZ NXT becomes the first grand finalist of WePlay Academy League Season 2. In the final of the upper bracket, the European team beat Young Ninjas with a score of 2: 0. At the same time, BIG Academy left the championship, unable to cope with NAVI Junior in the first round of the lower bracket.

BIG Academy - NAVI Junior

In the first match of the game day, BIG Academy and NAVI Junior met. However, the match did not present much of a struggle, since the German team quickly felt its weakness against the background of the opponent. At the same time, already on the first half of the Overpass map, the CIS team got a great advantage, finally realizing it after the side change - 16: 6.

Everything was decided on the Inferno map, where the German team finally sailed. Already at the start of the second map, it became clear that the history of BIG Academy at WePlay Academy League Season 2 will end soon. As a result, the defeat performed by NAVI Junior at the end of the first half, and at the same time a confident victory at the end of the map - 16: 2.

Young Ninjas - MOUZ NXT

The battle for reaching the grand final of the championship began on the Nuke map, where the Swedes immediately seized the initiative. However, closer to the side switching, the MOUZ NXT players managed to wake up, closing the gap to three rounds. In defense, the Europeans continued to crush the Young Ninjas, gradually running forward. Nevertheless, the Swedes had the courage to level the score in the end to watch a streak of extra rounds. And yet the overtime ended quite quickly, as MOUZ NXT took four rounds in an instant and took the lead at 19:15.

Everything was decided on the Ancient map, which became the choice of the Swedish team. However, MOUZ NXT showed phenomenal defense, allowing the opponent to take only one round in the first half. Of course, this gap was enough to close the opponent and become the first finalist of WePlay Academy League Season 2 - 16: 1.


WePlay Academy League Season 2 takes place from November 12 to 14 at the WePlay Esports Arena in Kiev. The top four teams from the online part of the competition are competing for a prize pool of $ 88,000.

Interim results of WePlay Academy League Season 2