Getting ready for the start of WePlay Academy League Season 2

There is very little time left before the start of WePlay Academy League Season 2 - the main tournament for academies. The championship itself, given the small number of participants, promises to be interesting. In this regard, we invite you to get acquainted with the format of the event, the distribution of the prize fund, as well as the participants of WePlay Academy League Season 2.

WePlay Academy League Season 2 format

Based on the results of the group stage and Play-In, which took place online, four finalists of the championship were determined, who had already arrived in Kiev to take part in the final part of WePlay Academy League Season 2 from November 12 to 14. The playoffs of the tournament will take place at WePlay Esports Arena, that is, the championship will be held in a LAN format.

The four teams will begin their journey in the semi-finals of the upper bracket, from where the winners will advance to the final, while the losing teams will fall into the lower bracket of the playoffs. Here the teams will have another chance to reach the grand final of the competition by playing two elimination matches. All matches will be played in BO3 format. While the grand final is expected to take place in a BO5 format, offering a one-map handicap to a team that has gone unbeaten.

Prize pool distribution

Draw and Championship Schedule

In the final part of WePlay Academy League Season 2, the teams were seeded according to the results of the previous two stages. The group stage winner - teams MOUZ NXT and Young Ninjas - received the top seeding, while Natus Vincere Junior and BIG Academy, which took 1st and 2nd places in the Play-In stage, respectively, received the worst seed.

Friday, November 12:

Saturday, November 13:

Sunday, November 14:


Favorites and outsiders

The undisputed favorite of WePlay Academy League Season 2 is the MOUZ NXT team, which became the winner of the first season of the League. The European team continued to bend their line at the group stage, going all the way without defeat. In turn, one cannot write off the young Swedes from Young Ninjas who made it to the grand finale of the first season. However, already at the group stage, the team had problems, in particular, having twice ruffled the nerves of the fans in the games against Natus Vincere Junior.

Natus Vincere Junior is worth highlighting as a shadow favorite. The team will not only play at the "home" arena, but is also ready to boast of an experienced player in its roster. flamie must help the team in difficult times, showing off his rich experience of playing on stage. At the same time, the BIG Academy team is considered an outsider of the championship. The German team had already played at WePlay Esports Arena in the first season, but then finished fourth after losing both matches. Now the team is ready to return to Kiev, clearly not wanting to repeat the recent result. However, even at the group stage of the second season, BIG Academy experienced difficulties, losing twice to Natus Vincere Junior.