Astralis Sports Director: "We are already working on further development of Bubzkji's career"

Kasper Hvidt, sports director of Astralis, spoke to Dexerto about the future of Bubzkji as part of the Danish team. The leader said that the organization is not opposed to letting the player go.

It's no secret that we are already working on the further development of Bubzkji's career. At Astralis, Andersen was often in a bad position, however, as a true professional, he was always ready to help the team and the organization. I have a lot of respect for him as a player and person, and I also thank Astralis for his help, which cannot be overemphasized. Considering that his position in the team will not change in the near future, we are already considering various options for continuing his career. A player like Bubzkji deserves to play on the competitive scene, so we take into account his wishes in this situation.

Khvidt also confirmed that Astralis is in talks with the player to continue his career. At the same time, the sports director denied rumors, which first appeared at the end of October, that Bubzkji's services were offered to other organizations. However, he hinted that Astralis would consider interesting proposals for Bubzkji, as the player himself wants to play regularly and his position in the team is unlikely to change.

As a reminder, Astralis has already announced a roster for the next season. Dupreeh, Magisk and zonic left the team. Their places went to blameF, k0nfig and ave.