PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Interviewer James Banks Announces His Wife Passing From Life

Famous English-speaking presenter and interviewer James Banks reported that his wife had passed away. He did not give any details of the incident, but said that he was waiting for additional information about the incident. Banks said the PGLs have expressed tremendous support for him:

I just found out that the love of my life has passed away. While we are awaiting details. I cannot understand how I feel and what to do now. Unbearable pain. I will never forget the time spent together. She was too young to do much more. Everyone at PGL supported me.

James said that he is not going to sit idly by, but will continue to work at the Major CS: GO championship:

I have faced losses, but this one is incomparable. I will continue to work in the Major - this is what she would like, because I still would not have been able to do anything when I got home. You just have to wait and keep working.

In the comments to the publication, a lot of people came to the aid of the caster. Many figures from the world of esports expressed their condolences for the passing of his wife. Some fans even suggested to the winner of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 to dedicate the victory to James Banks as a support and expression of their respect to the host and interviewer.

In 2002, James Banks began his career as a caster covering CS: GO championships. He always changed his duties and appeared on the air either as a commentator, then as an interviewer, and sometimes even as the main presenter at the championship or presenter in the analyst's studio. Last year, James Banks' responsibilities went beyond his usual activities, with the result that James joined the Alliance as general manager of the Valorant squad.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021, where Banks currently works as an interviewer, kicked off on October 26 and ends on November 7. The total prize pool of the championship is a record $ 2,000,000. Half of the prize money will go into the winner's pocket, while the silver medalist will receive $ 300,000.

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