ViCi reached the grand final of IEM Fall 2021 Asia

The ViCi team reached the grand final of IEM Fall 2021 Asia, where they will meet with the TYLOO team. According to the results of the combined final, ViCi turned out to be stronger than the NKT team with a score of 2: 0.

The final fight began on Mirage, which became the choice of xccurate and company. At the same time, already in the first half, NKT secured a comfortable start, gaining twice as many rounds as the opponent. However, after the changeover, ViCi began to push the opponent, slowly closing the gap. As a result, the favorite quickly caught up with NKT, and at the same time forced the opponent to surrender - 16:14.

On Nuke, the ViCi players did not invent problems for themselves, securing the advantage after the side in the attack. However, ViCi frankly did not go well in defense, because of which the team could give up their pick. Nevertheless, at the decisive moment, the team showed a champion character, closing the series with a score of 16:13.

As part of IEM Fall 2021 Asia, there is only one fight left to watch - the grand final. The playoff winner will not only earn $ 5,500, but will also qualify for PGL Major Stockholm 2021. Note that the grand final will be held in BO5 format, while TYLOO will have an advantage card.


IEM Fall 2021 Asia runs from October 5-10 online. Four Asian teams compete for a $ 10,000 prize pool and precious RMR points.

IEM Fall 2021 Asia Interim Results