TYLOO - champion of IEM Fall 2021 Asia

The IEM Fall 2021 Asia Championship has ended. The tournament, which took place online from October 5-10, saw four Asian teams competing for a $ 10,000 prize pool and precious RMR points. The TYLOO team became the champion of IEM Fall 2021 Asia, which beat ViCi with a score of 3: 0 in the grand final. At the same time, TYLOO earned enough RMR points to travel to PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

The grand final kicked off with TYLOO gaining an advantage card, as the team had already beaten ViCi in the upper bracket final. Next, the Inferno map appeared on the server, which became the choice of ViCi. However, after a relatively equal first half, TYLOO switched on fifth gear to close the rival's peak - 16:11.

Then the collectives migrated to Mirage, where TYLOO finally freed up. As a result, after the first half, it became clear that TYLOO would win this grand final and go to PGL Major Stockholm 2021. Moreover, after the side change, ViCi managed to take only one round, finally capitulating to the opponent - 16: 5.

Results of IEM Fall 2021 Asia