ViCi reached the final of the IEM Fall 2021 Asia Upper Bracket

The ViCi team reached the final of the IEM Fall 2021 Asia Upper Bracket. In the opening match of the championship, the team outplayed NKT with a score of 2: 0.

The semi-final match began on the Overpass map selected by the NKT. However, already in the first half, the leader of the Asian region seized the initiative, having put together three rounds of advantage. But even after the side switching, ViCi continued to gain, coping with the opponent's attacks. The NKT attack was not ready for this, which surrendered to the defensive redoubts of ViCi - 16:14.

On Nuke, it became quite simple for ViCi, as the team not only showed a cool attack, but also continued to press on NKT after switching sides. Ultimately ViCi got rid of the trouble in the second half, quickly closing the streak at its peak with a 16:10 score.

Now ViCi will face the winner of the TYLOO - Checkmate pair in the final of the upper bracket. In turn, NKT will wait for its opponent in the lower bracket.


IEM Fall 2021 Asia runs from October 5-10 online. Four Asian teams compete for a $ 10,000 prize pool and precious RMR points.