cadiaN spoke about the search for a coach in Heroic

cadiaN stated that the Heroic team is currently actively looking for a coach. The captain of the Danish team spoke about this during a press conference dedicated to the start of the IEM Fall 2021 Europe playoffs. According to cadiaN, Heroic wants to find a specialist who can improve the performance of the team and listen to the opinions of the players.

We are looking for a coach. Usually, after a Major, there are a lot of changes in all teams... We want to find someone who will work with us in the long term, and not just in a few tournaments. You also need to make sure that having a coach on the team makes sense. He will need to evaluate our actions with a fresh look, and we, in turn, will need to explain exactly how each member of the composition wants to act. If a new coach comes with the goal of immediately changing everything in the structure of the game, and we also have some kind of tournament on our nose, then nothing will come of such cooperation.

At the same time, cadiaN added that the new coach does not have to be from Denmark.

It is possible that in the search process we will turn our attention outside Denmark. I think there are enough good specialists in our country, but many of them have valid contracts with other clubs, where they do an excellent job. We must expand our search and consider all possible options. The new coach does not have to be Danish, but at the same time, I see a lot of possible benefits from a situation where the mentor will easily understand the communication of the squad during the round and fully communicate with the players outside the server.

Recall that Heroic is currently playing without a coach, since in the summer of 2021 the team said goodbye to HUNDEN, who passed on confidential information regarding the strategies of the Danish team to the opponent.