IEM Fall 2021 Europe: Astralis continues to lead in Group B

Astralis beat Complexity with a score of 16:14 in the fourth round of IEM Fall 2021 Europe and continued to lead in Group B. In addition, the Danish team ensured the playoffs, regardless of the outcome of the last meeting with Sinners. In addition, thanks to reaching the IEM Fall 2021 Europe playoffs, Astralis has qualified for PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Complexity - Astralis

A very interesting battle on Nuke, where everything was decided in the last rounds. At some point, the Danes could sensationally lose Complexity. But when the score was 12:14, Astralis decided to gather her thoughts to get another three points, and at the same time deprived herself of the nervous ending of the group stage.

Sinners - Movistar Riders

It is worth noting that Astralis deprived itself of a nervous ending not without the help of Sinners, which, unexpectedly for many, lost to Movistar Riders. And if the first half at Vertigo was in favor of the Czech team, then after the change of sides, oskar and the company finally gave the initiative to the Spaniards. As a result, they happily took advantage of such generosity, having issued for the second victory in a row - 16:14.

Heroic - Endpoint

In a parallel meeting, the fate of the British team was decided, which finally said goodbye to IEM Fall 2021 Europe. In general, the game itself, which took place on Ancient, developed according to the usual scenario, according to which the defense took most of the rounds. However, Heroic's defense turned out to be slightly better, which predetermined the outcome of three points - 16:12.

Layouts before the final round in group B

Astralis has nothing to prevent from reaching the playoffs. At the same time, in the last round, the final place of the Danes in the group will only be determined, since, in case of defeat by Sinners, Astralis will drop to the second line, taking into account personal meetings.

For Sinners, the situation is more complicated. In case of defeat to Astralis, as well as victories of Heroic and Movistar Riders, the Czech team will be obliged to play a series of tiebreaks, playing places from 2nd to 4th. At the same time, if Sinners beat Astralis in the final round, they will advance to the IEM Fall 2021 Europe playoffs from the first place.

The victory over Complexity and the defeat of Sinners are not enough to reach the playoffs of Heroic, since the Danes lose to the Czech team in personal meetings. Therefore, the only possible option for the Danes to enter the playoffs will be the situation described above.

Movistar Riders could theoretically still take second place in the group if Sinners lose to Astralis, and Heroic, in turn, fails to cope with Complexity. Then the Spanish team will be higher than Sinners in personal meetings and will take second place.

Interestingly, Complexity has not yet lost the chances of RMR points. However, the team will definitely not jump higher than third place. At the same time, in order to break into third place, the team needs the following conditions: Victory over Heroic in the last round, defeat of Movistar Riders from Endpoint. In this case, the teams will play a series of tiebreaks for the 3rd place.

With Endpoint, everything is much simpler - the British will definitely take the last place, despite the possible victory over Movistar Riders in the final round.


Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe runs from September 29 to October 10. The tournament has a total prize pool of $ 105,000, with 24 competitors competing for RMR Points and ESL Pro Tour Ranking Units. The winner will take home $ 27,500 and 2,500 RMR points, while the silver medalist will receive $ 17,500 and 2,344 RMR points.