Nivera officially leaves Vitality

Nivera is officially leaving the Vitality team. The now 20-year-old Belgian player is open to suggestions, likely hinting at continuing his career at VALORANT.

The Belgian joined Vitality in October last year, marking the beginning of the six-player model's history. As a substitute player, Nivera fit perfectly into the French squad, winning Intel Extreme Masters XV - Beijing Online: Europe and BLAST Premier: Fall 2020, as well as finishing third in BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020.

However, after Valve banned teams from using substitutions under threat of removing RMR points, Nivera sat on the bench at Vitality. As a result, since March, the 20-year-old Belgian player remained in the shadows of the competitive scene, repeatedly appearing in the media with news of a possible transfer to Team Liquid by VALORANT.

It is expected that the Belgian will nevertheless try his hand at the new discipline, where he will reunite with ScreaM, who is also his brother. Now that Kryptix has left a spot on Team Liquid's roster, Nivera is first in line to sign.

From now on, Vitality's roster looks like this: