Trident Clan owes its former roster $ 35,000

It became known that the Russian organization Trident Clan owes its former membership $ 35,000. Let's remind that the former player of the team Denis "seized" Kostin, a few weeks ago publicly criticized the management of Trident Clan for not fulfilling their financial obligations to the roster. In particular, seized himself did not receive $ 7,000 from the organization. This was reported by the Dexerto portal with reference to the player himself.

According to the player, during his performances for the Trident Clan, he was in constant communication with the CEO of the organization, who regularly promised to transfer money as soon as possible.

It is noted that the CEO of the organization told the team in July that he would have to close the CS: GO division due to lack of funds.

As a reminder, seized and his colleagues left the Trident Clan in July, two months after the financial troubles began. The estimated amount of debt includes prize money for players, coaches and squad management.

September 1 was supposed to be the deadline for the organization to pay off the promised debt. According to seized, their last conversation with the CEO led to more promises to pay back. However, the Trident Clan never paid out any prize money to its former roster.