Team Launch – чемпионы ORDER Oceanic Open

The next stage of the IGNITION Series - ORDER Oceanic Open - has ended today. The finalists were Team Launch and EXO Clan. Team Lauch players became the winners.

We opened the final day on the Haven map. From the early rounds, Launch seized the advantage and imposed their own pace of play. EXO Clan failed to adjust and lost. The first map ended 13-5 in favor of Team Launch.

The second card was Ascent. Starting on the attacking side, Team Launch continued to dictate the terms of the game. They finished the first half with a score of 8-5. Unable to recover from the unsuccessful first map and half of the second, EXO Clan failed to take a single round for the attack. Ascent went to Team Launch's piggy bank. As a result, again 13-5 in favor of Team Launch.

As a result of two maps, Team Launch became the undisputed champions. The prize money was distributed as follows:

Team Launch are the first champions of the region. They managed to qualify for 373 teams and did not lose a single map during the ORDER Oceanic Open championship.