First ORDER Oceanic Cup finalist announced

Yesterday, EXO Clan suffered a technical defeat in the match against Control for reaching the ORDER Oceanic Cup final. This morning, the organizers of the championship, ORDER, together with Riot Games, made a concession to the team and allowed the match to be replayed. EXO Clan didn't miss this opportunity.

The first map of the match was Haven. EXO Clan managed to crush the enemy and shut down Haven with a score of 13-7 in their favor. Ascent followed.

Ascent Control evened the score. In a bitter struggle, Control won 13-11. The Split map was decisive.

In the decisive map of the match for reaching the grand final, the EXO Clan team took the lead from the first rounds. Control failed to return to the game and as a result lost with a crushing score of 13-4.

EXO Clan became the first finalists of the Next ORDER Oceanic Cup. They will be waiting for the winner of the Team Launch and Unnamed pair. The final starts tomorrow, 25 July.