Getting ready for the start of Red Bull Home Ground # 2

Only a few hours are left before the start of Red Bull Home Ground # 2. At the same time, all the teams have already arrived in London to try out the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. In this regard, we propose to get acquainted with all the participants of the championship, as well as the format and approximate layouts.

Format of the Red Bull Home Ground # 2

Red Bull Home Ground # 2 will take place November 4-7 in London. The main part of the tournament will take place at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. The prize pool of the championship is € 54,000, with the specific rules for distributing the money to be announced a little later.

Participants list: G2 Esports, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Giants Gaming, TENSTAR, Acend, Futbolist, Fnatic, SuperMassive Blaze, LDN UTD, Anubis Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, Gambit Esports, BIG, Team BDS and Ninjas in Pajamas.

Let us remind you that there were some changes in the composition of the participants before the start of the championship. The places of Guild Esports and Team Heretics were taken by Natus Vincere and LDN UTD, respectively.

The 16 teams are divided into four groups. The group stage will be BO1, from where the top two teams from each quartet will advance to the playoffs. At the decisive stage of Red Bull Home Ground # 2, the teams will compete in the BO5 format. If a team wins two cards in a row, it wins.

Red Bull Home Ground pioneered the unique "Home & Away" format, where map selection, strategy and game knowledge are key factors, resulting in thrilling encounters and unpredictable game twists in the tournament.

Group stage

Group A

The clear favorite of the first quartet is the Gambit Esports team, which won the last Masters in Berlin. At the same time, despite the names, SuperMassive Blaze and Ninjas in Pajamas seem to be the clear outsiders of the group. And if the Turkish team is in the process of restructuring, allowing its players to study proposals against the background of the Twitch scandal, then the European team will definitely disband the roster, since the organization decided to pay attention to the Brazilian scene.

Group B

One of the most interesting groups in terms of the balance of power. The obvious favorite seems to be the Acend team, which reached the quarterfinals of VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin. At the same time, one should not belittle the merits of Natus Vincere, which is systematically developing and growing in terms of results. The prospects for TENSTAR and Team BDS are unclear. If the British team performs with varying degrees of success at the TIER-2 level tournaments, then the French have not appeared on the stage at all since July.

Group C

The unambiguous outsider of Group C is the Anubis Gaming team, which miserably failed their first European experience in the framework of VCT 2021: EMEA Last Chance Qualifier. At the same time, it is almost impossible to single out a favorite among Giants Gaming, Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix. And if there were no changes in the composition of the first two teams, then FunPlus Phoenix renewed the composition after the failure in the summer part of VCT 2021.

Group D

There is no doubt that in the final quartet the main struggle will unfold between Team Liquid and G2 Esports. At the same time, the prospects for BIG and Futbolist are difficult to assess unambiguously. And if the German team traditionally takes part in the tournaments of the second echelon, then the Turks have never caused problems for European teams.


Red Bull Home Ground # 2 will take place November 4-7 in London. Sixteen teams from Europe, Egypt, CIS and Turkey will compete for a prize pool of € 54,000.