Team Liquid — чемпион Red Bull Home Ground #2

Come to the end of Red Bull Home Ground # 2. At the championship, which was held from November 4 to 7 in London, 16 teams from Turkey, Europe, Egypt and the CIS competed for a prize fund of € 60,000. Team Liquid became the champion of the tournament, having outplayed Acend with a score of 3: 1 in the grand final (Split - 15:13; Bind - 15:17; Ascent - 13:11; Breeze - 13:11). At the same time, in the match for the 3rd place, Giants Gaming defeated TENSTAR.

Team Liquid started its journey through the tournament very easily, since already at the group stage the team achieved devastating victories over Futbolist (13: 2), BIG (13: 5) and G2 Esports (13: 6). The team coped with Fnatic (2: 0) in the quarterfinals in a similar style, thus making a loud claim for victory. At the same time, in the semifinals, Team Liquid did not experience any particular problems in order to overcome TENSTAR (2: 0) and reach the grand final.

The decisive match began for the team with a beautiful comeback on the Split map. However, the next card went into the Acend's piggy bank, thereby raising the degree of intrigue. And yet, the last two maps were left for Team Liquid, which in a tense struggle snatched the victory from the opponent.

Note that the MVP of the tournament was cNed, which once again showed the skill of playing with Operator.

Results of Red Bull Home Ground # 2