The review of big esports tournaments of the year

The modern esports industry develops at a phenomenal rate: the number of representative tournaments increases always, sums of grabs grow. All of these with the growth of interest to various esports disciplines lead to the rapid growth of the number of fans who want to follow the events in matches of the popular teams both live and on the Internet.

The overcrowded grandstand at sports arenas attracts a lot of attention of not only esports fans who know a lot about the subtleties of the favorite games but bettors who want to seriously make money, following matches of large tournaments. Seeing the constantly growing popularity of esports among fans, all respecting bookmaker companies take bets on esports matches in various disciplines. Today, bettors who specialize in esports betting have many opportunities to turn their knowledge and intuition into real money, which include:

Fans of online betting follow the representatives of competitions in popular esports disciplines in hopes of making money, more frequently preferring the most demanded ones of them: Dota 2 and CS:GO. Although we aren't sure what will be with those events due to Coronavirus, we do know that most of the fans will bet through different mobile betting apps, that give them an option to place a live bet while the game is already accruing. Even if the games will take place without crowd, they'll be able to place their bets from home, even if they are in a quarantine.

Main Dota 2 tournaments of the year

According to the tradition, 2020 in Dota 2 will be rich in big events. Three Majors will be hosted in the first half of the year, the prize pool of one million dollars will be up for grabs at each of them.

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 will be the first of them, which will take place in sunny California on March 15-22. 16 teams will take part in the tournament, 15 of which have already determined on the outcome of the regional qualifying rounds. The last spot will be taken by the winner of the upcoming Minor, which is being carried out at Kiev Cybersport Arena in the capital of Ukraine at the moment.

EPICENTER Major 2020 will be hosted at the very beginning of May, which venue will be Moscow traditionally. As usual, all tournament matches will take place at CSKA Arena in front of lots of viewers. 16 teams will take part in the competition, the roster of which is unknown at the moment. It will be determined during qualifying competitions later.

ONE Esports Singapore Major 2020 will be carried out at the Singapore stadium Shrine Indoor on June 20-28. The big popularity of esports in Asian countries will guarantee that all 12 000 places in the sports arena will be filled. Like at all other Majors of the season, 16 teams, which names will be revealed later, will take part in the tournament.

It is logical that the final The International, at which more than $30,000,000 will be up for grabs, will be the most demanded and expected Dota 2 competition, of the year. The dates of the tournament are August 18-23, Stockholm will be a venue. 18 teams, twelve of which will receive direct invitations from the organizers, according to the existing rate, will take part in the largest competition. The rest 6 teams will be determined on the outcome of regional qualifiers. It looks like the lineup of participants will be extremely strong, which means that bookmakers will have pretty high odds on matches of the tournament. The possibility of making significant money is pretty high.

The main CS:GO tournaments of the year

The whole row of serious CS:GO tournaments will be carried out this year, which undoubtedly includes the Major in Rio and the autumn Major, which venue still remains in question.

The first of them, ESL ONE 2020 Rio, will take place in the famous Rio de Janeiro on May 11-24. The main matches of the competition will be held at Jeunesse Arena in front of a big crowd of viewers. Among 24 participants, 14 spots are given to the teams, which have held the first places on the outcome of last year’s StarLadder Berlin Major. The remaining ten will be sent to the teams, which have earned slots in qualifying competitions. The prize is a million dollars, half of which will be received by the winner of the tournament.

The autumn Major will be hosted in a similar scenario this year. The dates are November 2-15, the venue of the competition will be determined a bit later. 25 teams will be participating in it, they will be fighting for $1,000,000. Despite the lineup of participants has not been determined yet, we can be confident that there will be serious competition at the tournament. And it means that bettors will have an opportunity to make serious winnings.