Team from Taiwan was removed from the LMS league because of fixed matches

On 10 April, the organizers of League of Legends Master Series got information that the owner of Dragon Gate and also the coach and jungler of the team made bets and at the very game the team did unusual actions. Consequently, it was decided to have an investigation that showed us that the representatives of the tag did participate in a fixed match. Getting to know more about the case was held basing on communication inside of the team during matches and also watching suspicious meetings with their opponents one more time.

In the end, Riot Games got the verdict:

If he wants to realize the career of an owner of an esports team, he will have to replace to another esports discipline, for instance, Dota 2, as it is a MOBA. If he wants to try himself in another genre, he can pass to CS:GO or Overwatch, for example.

The jungler also may be deprived of his contract with the esports organization. It’s possible that after this JGY may end his career as an esportsman.

Fixed match in esports are a very spread issue the organisers and developers of esports disciplines fight with. Cunning players and also other representatives of esports organizations always look for easy money, so they participate in the matches to manipulate the results. Those who haven’t been caught are really lucky as they don’t stop at such results. After that esports organizations or separate players were caught playing fixed matches; it is a difficult task to return to the previous level and not everyone can make it back.