FeniX left Team Liquid

The team keeps changing the roster dramatically.

Kim «FeniX» Jae-hun left Team Liquid LoL roster after playing for the organization since 2015 on the Top Lane position. Obviously, his results did not satisfy the management, and on December 10 he transferred to substitute players.

Greyson «Goldenglue» Gilmer replaced Jae-hun in the main roster. He has been playing for the second Team Liquid roster. Previously, Joshua «Dardoch» Hartnett left the organization, and team management decided to invite Kim «Reignover» Ui-jin to take his position. There are rumors, that Chae «Piglet» Gwang-jin may come back to the team.

Team Liquid current roster:

Kim «Reignover» Ui-jin
Greyson «Goldenglue» Gilmer
Matt «Matt» Elento
Samson «Lourlo» Jackson