LGD Gaming made it to the 2020 Worlds Championship

Today ended the match within the LPL Summer 2020 Regional Finals, where LGD Gaming and Invictus Gaming fought for the last slot in the 2020 Worlds Championship intended for the Chinese team. The meeting ended with the score 3-1.

As a reminder, LGD Gaming made it to the final of the lower bracket after losing 0-3 against JD Gaming in the upper bracket. Invictus Gaming, in turn, beat FunPlus Phoenix in the previous match with a score of 3-2.

While Suning, who made it to the 2020 Worlds Championship through the Upper Bracket, start from the group stage of the LoL World Championship, LGD Gaming will start from the Play-In stage.

The 2020 Worlds Championship runs from September 25th to October 31st. Riot Games initially wanted to host the championship in three different locations, but due to obvious circumstances, they decided to reduce the number of places where the tournament will take place to one. The event is planned to be held in Shanghai at the Pudong football stadium. Perhaps due to the coronavirus pandemic, the circumstances of the championship.