VCS Winter 2021 starts very soon!

Not long before the start of the first match in the Vietnamese League of Legends, VCS Winter 2021. The event will be attended by such teams as Burst The Sky Esports, CERBERUS Esports, GAM Esports, Luxury Esports, Saigon Buffalo, SBTC Esports, Team Flash and Team Secret. Eight participants will compete for a total prize pool of 1,200,000,000 Vietnamese Dong (~ $ 53,000) between each other.

Within the first match day, there will be two matches with SBTC Esports, Team Secret, Team Flash and Saigon Buffalo. SBTC Esports will face Team Secret in the first showdown, while Team Flash will face off against Saigon Buffalo.

First, the teams will start their way from the group stage, in which each of the participants will compete against all opponents in two Bo3 matches in a circular pattern. The top four will go to the playoffs. The final stage will be more intense with battles and will offer viewers matches in the Bo5 format.

VCS Winter 2021 will take place from November 16 to December 17.