Tomorrow closed qualifiers for EPICENTER Major 2019 start

The knockout round will be taking place in three divisions: CIS, China and Southeast Asia. In each of them eight contestants will be fighting with each other, but the quantity of invitations to the fifth Major is different. In the CIS and Southeast Asia, tep invitations to EPICENTER Major 2019 will be played for, where three invitations have been given to China.

Approximately one month ago the organizers of the upcoming tournament, Epic Esports Events, reported that they wanted to agree with Valve on giving three invitations to the CIS region, however they didn't succeed in it. Taking into account the fact that EPICENTER Major 2019 will be going on in the capital of Russia and the target audience and the majority of viewers are representatives of the CIS, this division of invitations was pretty logical.

EPICENTER Major 2019 will be held on 22-30 June. The holding place is VTB Ice Palace, and the main prize pool is $1,000,000 and 15,000 Dota Pro Circuit points. In China and Europe three quotes will be fought for. In all the other divisions which are CIS, North America, South America and StarLadder Ukraine Minor 2019 will be given two invitations for each.