Zai and ppd left Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses has informed on its Twitter account today that it had left without one player and COO of the organization had been changed.

Ludwig «zai» Wåhlberg left the Dota 2 roster of EG. It is unknown in which team he will continue his eSports career. Probably, unsatisfactory results of the team became a reason for an exclusion of the player. Evil Geniuses held the 9th-12th place at The International 2017 and earned $370,000 there.

Peter «ppd» Dager left a position of COO of Evil Geniuses due to his return to the competitive Dota 2. There had been rumors about it before that have confirmed. Besides Peter Dager, such players as QO, Chessie, Boris, and Jeyo will play in his new team.

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Now, the former manager of the Dota 2 roster Phillip Aram has become a chief operating officer of the organization. William Burden has become a new manager.

The actual roster of Evil Geniuses:

Artour «Arteezy» Babaev
Sumail «Suma1L» Hassan
Saahil «UNiVeRsE» Arora
Andreas «Cr1t-» Nielsen