w33 assembled Dota 2-roster

Aliwi «w33» Omar has informed on its official Twitter account that he had assembled a new roster.

Besides w33, such players as Timado, cancel^^, KheZu and Saksa will play in the new team.

Timado was excluded from the Infamous roster on August 21, when the organization informed about the disbanding of the team. Now, Enzo Gianoli will play as a carry in w33's team.

The ex-player of compLexity Gaming Mihai «cancel^^» Antonio has joined the roster as a mid player.

Before joining w33's team, Maurice «KheZu» Gutmann used to play on the roster of Team Secret. He will hold a position of an offlaner.

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The team Planet Odd was the previous team for w33 and Saksa to play in, it disbanded after its leave from the organization. Aliwi Omar and Martin Sazdov will play as supports.

Roster of w33's team:

Enzo «Timado» Gianoli
Mihai «cancel^^» Antonio
Maurice «KheZu» Gutmann
Aliwi «w33» Omar
Martin «Saksa» Sazdov