The whole Dota 2 roster left Comanche

A player of Comanche Dota 2 roster, Evgenii «XaKoH» Kochetov announced leaving the team of the Russian esports club. According to his words, the roster did not sign contract with the organization, but just played under their tag for some time.

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It should be mention that on the previous Dota 2 Champions League Season 12 XaKoH and the company have already played under the tag NewTeam321, replacing Leonid «Sonic» Kuzmenkov and Daniyal «yamich» Lazebnii. Currently, there is no information whether the roster will play altogether or will come apart.

NewTeam321 roster:

Igor «Maden» Modenov
Andrei «KaHT » Shulgin  
Evgenii «XaKoH» Kochetov 
Artyom «NT-» Latipov  
Daniyal «yamich» Lazebnii