The Alliance assembled a new roster

The Swedish organization has informed on its official website today that the creation of a Dota 2 roster had been finished.

The Alliance has built the team of players that had taken part in qualifiers to The International 2015, being on the roster of The Alliance.

It has been announced recently that Loda had become a key player of the new Dota 2 roster, the rest of the team will be assembled around him. Such players as AdmiralBulldog, Akke, Pajkatt, and Madshka (previously known as 7ckngMad) have joined him.

Henrik «AdmiralBulldog» Ahnberg will become an offlaner of the team. Joakim «Akke» Akterhall and Sebastien «Madshka» Debs will play as supports. Per Anders «Pajkatt» Olsson Lille will hold a mid lane position and Jonathan «Loda» Berg will play as a carry.

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It is worth to notice that three players on the roster, namely Loda, AdmiralBulldog, and Akke, have become the champions of The International 2013 under the tag of The Alliance.

The roster of The Alliance:

Henrik «AdmiralBulldog» Ahnberg
Joakim «Akke» Akterhall
Sebastien «Madshka» Debs
Per Anders «Pajkatt» Olsson Lille
Jonathan «Loda» Berg