Team Spirit signed a new Dota 2 roster

Representatives of Team Spirit have informed on their official website today that they had signed a new Dota 2 roster.

Stanislav «Bzz» Glushan and Ivan «Vanskor» Skorokhod left the ranks of Spirit, Igor «iLTW» Filatov and Malthe «Biver» Winther joined the team instead of them.

Members of Team Spirit have been being at a bootcamp since August 16 and are preparing for the next tournament, in which they will take part in.

A comment of Nikita Chukalin, the CEO of Team Spirit:

«We are aware of the risks that we expose ourselves by taking one foreign player. However, the professionalism of Malta and its competence in their positions allow you to close their eyes. Two weeks ago we stopped at an endless bootcamp in full force, and I have not yet seen such a fruitful atmosphere at the training camps of any of our squads. I hope this will bear fruit, and this season we will be pleased to please our fans and investors.
Situations with the leaked announcements disturb us more and more, people don’t even try to make some kind of an intrigue, nicknames are named to anyone at the earliest opportunity. There is not so much logic in these actions, however, all these don’t matter. Leaks happen in any case due to the fault of every part of the deal, we will work with this issues with a much bigger caution.»

The situation has, also, been commented by Malthe «Biver» Winther, the player, who has become a part of Team Spirit today:

«I'm very happy to be part of Team Spirit. I think that we have a good mix of young, talented players like Iceberg, iLTW and myself and experienced veterans such as DkPhobos and FNG. I can not wait to find out what awaits us in the future!»

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The new Dota 2 roster of Team Spirit:

Igor «iLTW» Filatov
Bogdan «Iceberg» Vasilenko
Alexander «DkPhobos» Kucheria
Artsiom «fng» Barshak
Malthe «Biver» Winther