Team Spirit benched two players

It has become known that Team Spirit had made a decision to bench Stanislav «633» Glushan and Ivan «VANSKOR» Skorokhod, other players will be looked for instead of them during the open transfer window. It is worth to notice that players have not canceled contracts with the organization and the above-mentioned cyber-sportsmen will return to the main roster in case of unsuccessful changes.

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The comment of the team’s support Ivan «VANSKOR» Skorokhod:

«The only thing I can comment for now is that the decision about my replacement and the replacement of Stanislav is not final. Guys from Team Spirit have decided to try to change players at these roles and to see what will change. As there is no consensus about what is wrong in our team.»

Let’s remind that the roster was created in December 2016, and during the time passed under the banner of the organization, guys won the 3rd place at Russian e-Sports Cup 2017 and The Final Match 2017, however, the qualifiers to The International 2017 were beyond team’s depth.

The roster of Team Spirit:

Artsiom «Fng» Barshak
Alexander «DkPhobos» Kucheria
Bogdan «Iceberg» Vasilenko
Ivan «VANSKOR» Skorokhod
Stanislav «633» Glushan