Team Singularity left Dota 2 roster

The information appeared, that Dota 2 roster of Team Singularity organization was bought by Let’s Do It esports club. The details of the transfer have not been revealed.

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From the official announcement:

«Today we part ways with our Dota 2 roster. It was nice to work with these guys, but another organization bought their contracts. We are glad for the players, as they will get better conditions, that we cannot offer them now. We hope that it will help them to become top 10 players next year.»

The roster spent about 3 months in the Team Singularity organization. For this time, the team managed to win ProDota Cup #18 and ProDota Cup #20, and also take 7-8 place on Zotac Cup Masters.

Ex-roster of Team Singularity for Dota 2:

Natan «Exotic_Deer» Michalewicz
Michał «Nisha» Jankowski
Paweł «Patos» Naruszewicz
Rafal «eL lisasH» Wojcik
Jakub «kacor» Kocjan