Tavo: We can beat Team Secret

Qualifications on Kiev Major were difficult for you?
I was a little. We had some trouble in our team. Things stop working, but we finally find a way to make team work again and we win it.

Which opponent was hardest for you? Was it Midas Club?
I think it was Not Today.

Describe how you travel to major.
We had to travel first to Rio, we don't leave in Rio, we leave in Recife. And from Rio, we went to Paris, after to Kiev and next stop was Poland, where we had a boot camp for 10 days and after that, we were back to Kiev for Major. It was a two-day trip I was a little difficult, but it was worth it.

On bootcamp versus who you was playing? Was more difficult than in America?
We played with a lot EU team and major team also. Most of them are playing on a major, but also were teams that are not from EU. It was really harder. Europeans teams are better, but we think we will lose every single game, every single scream, but that didn't happen. It was good for us because we can come to the tournament with some confidence.

Let's move to the group stage. You went 0:3. What was the problem?
We stopped doing things what we were doing on the screams, like them we were playing well because we communicate a lot. When we went to the tournament I think it was a pressure and we stopped doing that what we were doing on the screams. Communication was not so good, decision making was also bad. That's why we lost. We had a talk after that and I hope that we fixed that for the play-off.

What about match versus Team Secret? They went 6:0 by maps, what do you think do you have chances versus them?
They are really strong now, but id will play on our maximum we can beat them.

What happens in the grand final of The Final Match 2017? How did you lose to Midas Club?
I can only talk for myself. The bootcamp for the kiev major was really hard. After we qualified I only want to go home (laughs). But we couldn't because we must play the tournament, but we didn't play it on full. That's why it went bad for us. Also, Midas Club is a good team if we arent playing on maximum we for sure will lose them