Swiftending left HellRaisers

Today Uroš «Swiftending» Galić announced on the official Twitter-account that he left HellRaisers.

The player joined a new HellRaisers roster on July 20 together with other Planet Dog players, when the esports organization decided to sign the roster that managed to get to The International 2017 on their own.

Under HellRaisers tag, the players took 17-18 place on the event and together with Fnatic became the first players to leave the tournament.

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There is no information where Swiftending will continue his career as well as there is no information who will become the third player for HellRaisers. The organization has not commented the situation yet. Swiftending did not reveal the reason to leave the roster.

Now HellRaisers roster is as following:

Greg «Keyser» Kallianiotis
Neta «33» Shapira
Milan «MiLAN» Kozomara
Aleksey «j4» Lipai