Only 3 players are left in compLexity Gaming roster

In the second series of documentary movie about ELEAGUE we got to know that Feras «Feero» Hroob left complexity right after Jimmy «DeMoN» Ho. The reasons to leave the team are unknown, however, after the players joined the roster, the team did not many to win any tournament or qualifier.

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Feras «Feero» Hroob became a player for compLextiy at the end of May and did not manage to help the team reach some significant results. The roster participated in the qualifiers to The International 2017, The Summit 7, EPICENTER: Moscow 2017 and DreamLeague Season 7, however, did not get the desired slots there.

complexity roster:

Kyle «melonzz» Freedman
Zakari «Zfreek» Freedman
David «Moo» Hull