Old chicken joined EHOME

After the unlucky performance of the teams Keen Gaming and EHOME, the management decided to exchange the players of their rosters - Wang «old chicken» Zhiyong joined EHOME, while Zhai «Ying» Jingkai got his usual place in Keen Gaming.

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As a reminder, at the end of February, these esportsmen were exchanged. It happened after closing of the transfer window so both collectives lost the chance to get to the closed qualifiers for The International 2018.

Keen Gaming made it to DAC 2018 with the help of the qualifiers in China, but at the very tournament they got two wins and five losses and couldn’t get out of the group. In their turn,  EHOME didn’t manage to overcome the regional qualifiers at all.

Renewed EHOME’s roster:

Chen «Cty» Tianyu
Wang «old chicken» Zhiyong
Zhang «Faith_bian» Ruida
Xu «Hym» Zhi
Zhang «y`» Yiping

Renewed Keen Gaming’s roster:

Yang «MS» Yongjie
Zhai «Ying» Jingkai
Song «dark» Runxi
Liu «yoona» Xiangkun
Jiang «佞臣» An