Newbee are the champions of Galaxy Battles

The Chinese tournament Galaxy Battles with $150,000 prize pool ended today. Newbee became the champions of the event.

Galaxy Battles was held in two stages: the group stage and the play-off. In the group stage, eight participants were divided into two groups four teams in each. Newbee, Vici Gaming, TnC Pro Gaming and mousesports were seeded to Group A; Planet Odd, Invictus Gaming.Vitality, HappyFeet and Infamous to Group B.

The group stage did not eliminate any teams, by decided the seeding of teams in play-off. Newbee, Vici Gaming, Planet Odd and Invictus Gaming.Vitality, which took the first two places in their groups, moved to semifinal. Other teams were forced to start their games with play-off of the first round of losers.

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Newbee and Planet Odd became two strongest teams of the event. Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok and his team did not manage to take any map in the match against the opponents, and lost Grand Final with 0-3 score.

Together with the champion title, Newbee were rewarded with $69,000 main money prize. Planet Odd in their turn were rewarded with the consolation prize of $22,500.

Tournament results:

1 place — Newbee ($69,000)
2 place — Planet Odd ($22,500)
3 place — TnC Pro Gaming ($18,000)
4 place — mousesports ($13,500)
5-6 place — IG.Vitality, Vici Gaming ($9,000)
7-8 place — Infamous, HappyFeet ($4,500)