Misha left M19

On the official website of M19 organization, the information appeared that Mikhail «Misha» Agatov, the captain of Dota 2 roster, left the team. The reasons have not been revealed, however, the organization thanked to the esportsmen for the time spent under the tag of Russian esports club.

It should be mentioned, that during previous transfer period, Natus Vincere were interested in Mikhail. Currently, there is no player for support position, which can bring us to certain decisions.

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Sergey «Anahronix» Bykovskii, the manager of Dota 2 roster, commentaries:

«Current period of changes in teams did not put M19 aside. Today, we say farewell to the player who made a huge contribution to the results of the team during the last 3 months. We say thanks to Mikhail for his work and the time he spent with us. We wish him success in his future career of Dota 2 player.»

Mikhail «Misha» Agatov joined M19 roster at the end of May 2017 and during 3 months he managed to assist the team to get into the closed qualifiers of The International 2017.

Current roster of M19:

Aleksander «Nix»Levin
Igor «iLTW» Filatov
Gleb «Funn1k» Lipatnikov
Nikolai «Muriel» Baikov