Mineski announced a new Dota-2 roster

Ex-players of Team Faceless, Daryl Koh «iceiceice» Pei Xiang and Anucha «Jabz» Jirawong became new players of Mineski.

Except for iceiceice and Jabz, Kam Boon «Nana» Seng and Michael «ninjaboogie» Ross Jr. came to Mushi’s team. NaNa came to Mineski from WarriorsGaming.Unity, and ninjaboogie was a free agent. The last team where Michael Ross Jr. played was RAVE.

iceiceice already has an experience of playing together with Mushi. They played in the Chinese team Team DK in 2014, and took the fourth place on The International 2014.

Currently, there is no information about whether Andrey «Mag~» Chipenko, Egor «Ark» Zhabotinskii and Ryo «ryOyr» Hasegawa left the team. These players joined Mineski before qualifiers to The International 2017. The representatives of esports organization still gave no official statements about that.

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A new Mineski roster is as following:

Kam Boon «NaNa» Seng
Chai «Mushi» Yee Fung
Daryl Koh «iceiceice» Pei Xiang
Anucha «Jabz» Jirawong
Michael «ninjaboogie» Ross Jr.