Galaxy Battles II lost a “Major” status

Valve made a decision to take away a “Major” status from the championship Galaxy Battles II due to the laws in the Philippines that relate to cyber-sportsmen. The developers of the game don’t think that it is necessary to reveal the information about players that have been demanded by the Philippine government.

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In its turn, Valve is in search for organizers that will be ready to host a championship in another country with the same teams. It is worth to notice that it is still unknown if organizers of Galaxy Battles II host their competition or not.

Galaxy Battles 2018 was scheduled on dates from January 15 to January 21. A prize pool had to amount $1,000,000 and 1500 DPC points. After the loss of a “Major” status, points will not be up for grabs and a prize pool fell to $500,000.