Freeze joined VGJ.Thunder

An information has appeared that Liu «Freeze» Chang had joined the ranks of the main roster of VGJ.Thunder, in which he had replaced Zheng «Ghost» Jie. Unsatisfactory results of the team became the reason for such decision. It is worth to notice that Ghost didn’t leave the organization but was benched.

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Ghost joined the roster VGJ.Thunder about a month ago and during this time, the team held the 5th-6th place at the qualification to ESL One Hamburg 2017, the 4th place at the qualifiers to Perfect World Masters and passed to the championship PGL Open Bucharest 2017.

In his turn, Freeze previously played for Team VGJ. He together with the roster became the silver prize winner of StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3, held the 7th-8th place at Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 and the 5th-8th at The Kiev Major.

The Dota 2 roster of VGJ.Thunder:

Liu «Sylar» Jiajun
Liu «Freeze» Chang
Zhou «Yang» Haiyang
Pan «Fade» Yi
Fan «Ayo» Tianyou