Undying are the champions of BTS Pro Series Season 6 NA

In the grand final of the North American division, BTS Pro Series Season 6, Undying showed an excellent game against 4 Zoomers and became the winners of the tournament. The streak ended 3-1 in favor of moonmeander and his teammates. For their work, the team received the main reward of $ 20,000. The vice-champions, in turn, earned $ 12,000.

On the way to victory, the Undying defeated the D2 Hustlers and were defeated in the battle with 4 Zoomers. This forced the team to continue on their way in the lower bracket. There, the team defeated Infamous in the fight for reaching the grand final, and when the team reached the final fight, they managed to take revenge from 4 Zoomers for the lost final in the upper bracket.

BTS Pro Series Season 6 ran online from May 25 to June 6. The total prize pool of the championship was $ 50,000.

Results of the competition