Incredibly addicting interview - SirActionSlacks spoke to himself live

In the ongoing WePlay AniMajor 2021 tournament, a very interesting case happened yesterday. After the ended meeting between PSG.LGD and Evil Geniuses, where the Chinese beat Arteezy and his comrades, the cybersportsmen did not show up for an interview with SirActionSlacks. Jake Kanner was not taken aback and showed professionalism and creativity - SirActionSlacks got used to the role of one of the players and conducted an unusual interview with himself.

Jake Kanner had to "take part in the show" Improvisation "" because of the airtime allocated for the interview, according to the regulations, and just for fun. SirActionSlacks once again showed itself quite in an unusual light, and the spectators of this Major tournament now have interesting memories.

You can watch this funny moment by following this link.

By defeating Evil Geniuses, PSG.LGD secured an entry into the upper bracket of the WePlay AniMajor 2021 playoffs. EG will have to fight for this opportunity with other teams.

Earlier, we talked about the success with which the third game day of the group stage ended. If you missed our material, then we invite you to familiarize yourself with it.


WePlay AniMajor 2021 began on June 2 and will end on the 13th. The total prize pool of the tournament is $ 500,000 and 2,700 Dota Pro Circuit rating points. The winner will take home a reward of $ 200,000 and 500 DPC points.