Quincy Crew manager said ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 participants will have little time to rest

Jack 'KBBQ' Chen, Acting Manager at Quincy Crew,wrote a message to viewers on his Twitter account. There he shared good news about the expectation of a good organization of the Dota 2 LAN tournament. At the same time, he upset the fans that the championship participants will have little time to rest before the start of the championship.

This problem primarily applies to American teams, since they will not be able to organize in Europe or Asia. Such circumstances promise teams preparation with high ping.

Jack 'KBBQ' Chen wrote the following:

“Good news about Singapore. Based on what we know, PGL and Valve will do everything possible to ensure that the event is safe and orderly, so you have nothing to fear. It will probably be the best possible conditions during such a difficult time of the pandemic. Bad news: I think that many teams (especially from North and South America) hoped that everyone would arrive early, not only to go through quarantine, but also to take a break from jetlag (minimum 26 flight hours and a 12 time zone shift). for LAN training, of course. The flight will always be difficult for teams from North and South America, especially when the destination is somewhere between Europe and Asia. But in this case, there will be only three qualified teams from all over the Western Hemisphere with whom you can will practice (with high ping), without the possibility of a bootcamp in Europe or Asia. "

ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 is scheduled to run from March 27 to April 4. 18 teams from six divisions will take part in the division of the total prize pool of $ 500,000. In addition to the cash prize pool, the teams will share 2,700 Dota Pro Circuit rating points between each other.