Former NAVI player made it to EPIC League Season 3

We learned the name of the fifteenth member of the group stage of EPIC League Season 3. This team was Prosti Esli, in which Pavel '9pasha' Khvastunov, Nikita 'Daxak' Kuzmin, Danil 'illusion' Grzhevka, as well as two inactive Gambit-2 players represented by Albert are playing 'eine' Garaev and Artyom 'Lorenof' Melnik. Daxak, by the way, previously also represented the interests of Gambit Esports, but played in the starting lineup.

The last participant of the championship will be known later. All teams, with the exception of Prosti Esli, became owners of direct invitations.

The group stage of EPIC League Season 3 will be held according to the Swiss system, and all meetings will be held in the Bo3 format. The top eight will advance to the first division of the league with a prize pool of $ 85,000. The remaining $ 15,000 will be raffled between eight teams from the lower division. The teams that took 9-16 places in the group stage will get there.

List of EPIC League Season 3 Participants