5 Anchors No Captain disbanded

The manager of the team 5 Anchors No Captain Matti Parkkila has informed that the team had disbanded. The team was not satisfied with current results and they made a mutual decision to stop playing together.

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From the official comment of Matti Parkkila:

«In addition to not meeting the results we expected, we’ve had some financial struggles. The players have been living on their savings and government subsidies for the last six months. It is not a sustainable way to keep living. Having an organization backing us up with a steady salary could have made a difference, but we couldn’t figure out a way to find a fair deal for every party. Not without first achieving the results to justify the kind of salary our players would have needed to completely cover their living expenses».

The team 5 Anchors No Captain assembled at the beginning of December 2017 and didn’t get to any large championship with DPC points. The guys have only visited WESG 2017, where stopped on the 9th-16th place.

The former roster of 5 Anchors No Captain:

Sampsa «nemphy» Kutvonen
Topias «Topson» Taavitsainen
Kalle «Trixi» Saarinen
Niklas «okcya» Koskinen
Peetu «Peksu» Väätäinen