Abed and Kuku to play Among Us as part of BTS Pro Series Season 3

One of the highest-rated players in the world, Abed, along with ex-offlaner Geek Fam in the person of Kuku, decided to team up and play under the tag Among Us in the BTS Pro Series Season 3. They will be joined by recently retired Fnatic Jabz, as well as 23savage. who also managed to play under the Fnatic banners. The fifth player was the native of Indonesia, Whitemon.

With the exception of Abed from Evil Geniuses, all other members of the roster are free agents. Abed, by the way, has not been able to get together with his teammates from EG for a long time due to the law on not leaving. The quarantine regime obliges the esports player to stay at home and not cross borders.

BTS Pro Series Season 3 will take place in three regions. Teams from America, Europe and the CIS, as well as from Southeast Asia will compete in the competition. The Among Us competition for Asians will be held September 12-27, with a total prize pool of $ 50,000. 10 teams will take part in its distribution.

Roaster Among Us:

Nyengnara '23savage' Tiramakhanon
Abed Azel 'Abed' Yusop
Carlo 'Kuku' Palad
Anucha 'Jabz' Jirawong
Matthew 'Whitemon' Filmon