The review of OGA Dota PIT League Season 2 Europe and CIS

The past championship was interesting but it was pretty predictable. For example, was the first to be eliminated from the championship because they were playing as the main outsider of the tournament and Team Nigma placed first as it should be.

Together with this, Dota fans watched other interesting moments of the championship. Natus Vincere, which is loved by many, participated in OGA Dota PIT League Season 2, however, their path was not long. The team achieved victory in the match with NiP and lost in the second round, being unable to do something against Alliance. They were waited by FlyToMoon in the lower bracket, which moved Born to Win to an exit. The victory over NAVI was the last one for FlyToMoon at the championship.

Alliance managed to surprise their fans. Despite they had not come to the tournament as the underdogs, no one was 100% confident about their victory. This did not stop the European team from advancing to the grand final and winning two maps against Nigma. However, this time Alliance will have to enjoy the silver place and the money prize of $36,822.

Nigma, despite their stand-in in the face of -rmn instead of KuroKy, has shown the best result at the past event. They passed the upper bracket and even did not use their right to make a mistake. The team defeated FlyToMoon with a score of 2-0, prevailed over OG with a score of 2-0, lost one map to Alliance in the final of the upper bracket, and defeated Alliance in the grand final with a score of 3-2.

Generally, this championship has demonstrated that the European teams play better than the representatives of the CIS region in the current situation with the enforced online format at the moment. FlyToMoon, VP.Prodigy, and NAVI are in the middle of the standings, and the Europeans from Nigma, Alliance, and OG have entered the top 3.

The results of OGA Dota PIT League Season 2