Team Magnus is the last member of the DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division II

The closed qualifier for DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division II has come to an end. Earlier, we talked about how Teletubbies and team1 were the first teams that managed to reach the second division of the North American league in Dota 2. Now Team Magnus has come to the same result.

The final match between Team Magnus and Legalize Potm was interesting, eventful and full-fledged, that is, the teams played on all three maps in this Bo3. On the first map, Team Magnus chose Lina as their protagonist. Mark played great on this character and finished the fight with a score of 7-1-6, which allowed the team to gain the upper hand on the first map in 33 minutes.

In the second map Magnus changed the approach to character selection and this time the mid lane was given not Lina, but Ember Spirit. The line against Legalize Potm's Overworld Devourer was completely lost and OD was able to gain a strong lead in the fight. This allowed Legalize Potm to practically strangle its opponent, giving up only 7 frags over the entire map. The victory came to LP in 35 minutes and a score of 26-7 and the game was drawn.

The third and final map followed a slightly different scenario. There Magnus at least partially repeated their pick and yet again gave their midman Ember Spirit and he lost the fight for the lane, but Mark was later able to gain good power together with Sven. Team Magnus changed their approach to the game and surprised their opponents. The map lasted almost 48 minutes and finished 37-16 in Magnus's favor. Ember Spirit and Sven, by the way, had very good stats - 12-1-18 and 11-1-13, respectively.

Thus, Legalize Potm stopped one step away from entering the DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division II, while Team Magnus achieved their goal and became the last participant in this event. They have joined the Teletubbies and team1, who previously came out through the early qualifiers, and will also join the likes of The Cut, Team DogChamp, felt, Electronic Boys and 5ManMidas. Teletubbies and team1 changed their tags to KBU.US and reformed players.

DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division II will run from November 29 to January 21. The total prize pool of the championship will be $ 75,000 and two invitations to DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 2: Division I. Over $ 200,000 and invitations to the Major tournament will be raffled in the first division.