BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas: Thunder Predator Moves Down To 2nd Place

The matches of the seventh game day of BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas have come to an end. This time, only 1 match ended with the victory of either side, while the other 2 ended in a friendly draw.

In the first confrontation, Black N Yellow and Lava played against each other. Ex-players Infamous and Thunder Predator, currently playing under the Lava tag, have shown that they are not in vain considered one of the best representatives of South American Dota. They finished the first map in 35 minutes with a victory for themselves. The second map ended with the same result in 37 minutes.

In the second match, D2 Hustlers and Hokori played against each other. On the first map, 1437 and his teammates started very cheerfully and crushed their rivals faster than they could say "guys, they are breaking the throne for us." The meeting there ended in 23 minutes. In the second map, everything went according to a slightly different scenario. This time, the Hokori were able to fight back their opponents and not only managed to hold out much longer, but also won the victory in 41 minutes.

4 Zoomers and INF.UESPORTS finished the seventh game day. The fight was similar to what we saw in the second showdown involving the D2 Hustlers and Hokori. The first map went fast enough and ended in victory for 4Z in 35 minutes. The last map became the longest in the entire game day and its duration was almost 61 minutes. The teams took turns pulling the blanket over themselves, but in the end INF.UESPORTS were able to defeat their opponents and ended the fight in a draw.

Thanks to this result, 4 Zoomers topped the group stage table in America, displacing Thunder Predator to the second place. INF.UESPORTS round out the top 4, and Hokori round out the top four to be invited to the top playoff bracket.

Black N Yellow and Simply TOOBASED, in turn, share 8th place and both have a high risk of being left out after the end of the group stage. The teams took only 1 card for the entire duration of the championship.

The current position of the teams in the group stage table

As part of the eighth game day, we will be able to look at the following confrontations:


BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas kicked off on October 29th and will end on November 14th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 40,000. The winner will take home $ 16,000, while the silver and bronze medalists will receive awards of $ 9,200 and $ 5,300, respectively.